Walter Payton Alumni Association

Because who wants high school to really be over?

Raymond Washington
(class of '04)


Raymond is the rock-star of our alumni. As a member of the first-ever class of 2004, he has remained connected with his classmates and is the gracious and excited host of the first reunion upcoming in 2014. We are lucky to have Raymond serving as a senior officer on our board.

(class of '10)

Vice President

Audrey is thrilled to be apart of the first WPCP alumni association since being apart of the class of the decade ('10)! She was invited back to the team by being remembered by a previous professor as someone who "got [stuff] done" and is ready to start getting "stuff" done to regroup all Payton alumni. In addition to the alumni panel Audrey is a recent graduate of U of I, is working for a consulting firm in downtown Chicago, and is eager to reconnect with her friends and city.

(class of '08)


Amanda has been involved with the creation of the Alumni Association since its early planning stages and is excited to see it finally getting off the ground. She currently works for a custom media publisher in the city and is working on completing her Masters in Predictive Analytics at DePaul University. In her free time, she enjoys trivia nights, exploring the city, and crushing the competition in Fantasy Football every week!

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